"Brian has a great approach to training. He sets goals in every aspect of your particular physical needs. We work constantly on strength and power in my lower body and pairing it with agility and plyometrics, which all help with my explosiveness and power towards jumping. I've made improvements each year!"

-Mike Conley Jr., guard, Utah Jazz

"Brian's approach is practical. He's helped me get into the best shape of my life and not once have I ever felt like I was making a lifestyle sacrifice. He makes it so easy that it's impossible to have excuses."

-Mark Titus, former basketball player at The Ohio State University

"What I value most about Brian is his willingness to learn. To this day, he calls me and asks me questions about how I feel I jump the best, how I gather, how fast I like to run going in to the jump, etc. It helped that he took an individual approach to my training and continued to find new ways to help me."

–Sam Thompson, Forward, Greensboro Swarm (NBA G League)

"I value many things about Brian's workouts. From practicing what he preaches to coming up with new drills, to pushing you to strive for your goals and see improvement and change!"

-David Lighty, Guard, Asvel Basket (EuroCup)

"Brian does a great job of focusing on specific individual needs. He doesn't just give you a program and say 'go and do this.' He asks what your goals are and what you want to work on and he prepares a program designed specifically for those. He works extremely hard and is very intelligent.

–Jon Diebler, Guard, Beşiktaş Basketbol (Champions League)

"Brian is always very knowledgeable and communicates information in a way you can understand. I always went to him when I needed to fine tune techniques. He pushes me to work hard and not give up. He lives out what he teaches, and anything he tells me to do, he could probably do better."

-Aaron Craft, Guard, AS Monaco Basket (Champions League)